Biodynamics as a Science of Initiation; The Evolution of Form

Biodynamics as a Science of Initiation; The Evolution of Form

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SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Seminar 2018


The Next Step:

Biodynamics as a Science of Initiation;
The Evolution of Form

with Enzo Nastati and Frank Chester

Presented in collaboration with the Biodynamic Association
and The Institute for Mindful Agriculture

March 16, 17, 18, 2018*
at the Hawthorne Valley Farm, Ghent, New York

The stated primary aim of [Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on Agriculture] was to address three problems that had often been brought to [his] attention: the degeneration of plants; the diminishing nutritional value of food; the lowering fertility of farm animals. One can experience a certain wry amusement to think that these were pressing concerns in the 1920s, when we would now be happy to have those plants and their nutritional value. Evidently, however, there were already early signs of a situation that was destined to worsen dramatically to the point that, in our opinion, it is now no longer remediable with the methods of organic farming alone.”
Enzo Nastati, Commentary on Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course

As we approach the third decade of the twenty-first century, the call to Do Something to Save the Earth is more urgent now than ever before. That is, if we can even hear it. The distractions of twenty-first century life multiply, while the human tendency—admirable and necessary in some respects—to accept “the way things are” with equanimity is presenting humanity and the living Earth with the most serious crisis of action either has ever known.

To love the Earth and humanity is to recognize that “the way things are” has to be remedied; and, considered broadly, we are running late in so doing. But only fully-conscious human beings can affect the necessary remediation; can offer Mother Earth the proper medicine.

To begin, the first thing that has to change is our thinking.
What, then, comes next?

This year’s SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Seminar will present (in special collaboration with the Biodynamic Association and The Institute for Mindful Agriculture) two individuals who point the way forward with accomplishments born of their own research. Enzo Nastati and Frank Chester are exemplary not only for translating the insights of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science into fruitful, positive deeds in the world, but also in picking up and carrying those insights further. We hope and expect that this weekend will inspire others to do the same.


Friday, March 16
6:15 pm   On-site registration and check-ins
7:00 pm   Opening greetings and introductions (Gene Gollogly)
7:15 pm   The task of biodynamics in the evolution of the Earth (Enzo Nastati**)

Saturday, March 17
9:00 am   How to develop the impulses given by Rudolf Steiner in Koberwitz (Enzo Nastati)
10:30 am   (Break)
11:00 am   How to stimulate new qualities and resistance in plants and animals I (Enzo Nastati)
12:30 pm   (Lunch)
2:00 pm   How to stimulate new qualities and resistance in plants and animals II (Enzo Nastati)
3:30 pm   (Break)
4:00 pm   New plants and new machines (Enzo Nastati)
5:30 pm   (Dinner)
7:00 pm   Evolution and form (Frank Chester)

Sunday, March 18
9:00 am   How to grow plants in difficult environments (Enzo Nastati)
10:30 am   (Break)
11:00 am   Setting up an evolutionary agricultural organism
 (Enzo Nastati)
12:30 pm   (Lunch)
2:00 pm   Form and evolution: The science of the future (Frank Chester)
3:30 pm   Biodynamics as the science of initiation (Enzo Nastati)

*Note 1: Monday Morning, March 19, participants are invited to join Enzo Nastati and Steffen Schneider (Director of the Institute for Mindful Agriculture and longtime farm manager of Hawthorne Valley Farm) for a walking tour of Hawthorne Valley Farm and a discussion afterward. (The exact time for the tour to be determined.)

**Note 2: Enzo Nastati will deliver his presentations in Italian; these will be translated in segments by a professional translator highly experienced in working in this manner with Mr. Nastati

Cost: $200

Location: Hawthorne Valley Farm, a 500-acre biodynamic farm located at 327 County Route 21C Ghent, NY 12075. We will meet in the Community Hall of the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, across the street from the farm.

Getting there: There is no public transportation to the farm so arrangements must be made privately. The closest airport is Albany International (ALB), approximately 45 minutes away by car; Hudson, NY (approximately 20 minutes by car) is serviced by Amtrak; MetroNorth commuter train service stops at Wassaic, NY (45 minutes by car).

Meals: The Hawthorne Valley Farm Store Cafe provides reasonably priced all-organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner (until 6:30 pm). The Farm Store is open from 7:30 am to 7 pm, seven days a week.

Lodging: A list of accommodations near Hawthorne Valley can be found here:

Registering: Click the “Register” button below or go straight to this url: <>

Check by mail to:
SteinerBooks, “ATTN: Seminar”, 610 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
(please include your name, address, phone number, and email address)

Credit card over the phone:
413-528-8233, ext. 4, during regular business hours

In-person beginning at 6:15 pm on Friday, March 16


Enzo Nastati is the principle director of The Eureka Institute in Italy. He has been a biodynamic farmer for over forty years, and understands, from a deep and dedicated study of Rudolf Steiner’s work, that the biodynamic agricultural method was always intended to be developed and fortified to meet changing demands over time. Mr. Nastati’s work has been recognized around the world where he lectures, consults, and conducts continuing research. Thirty-two years ago, spurred by his observations of extreme decrease in plant vitality immediately following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in April 1986, he began researching and developing preparations and application techniques to further meet the demands of our time. His work addresses the difficulties presented by electromagnetic fields, radioactive pollution, industrial pollution, water quality deterioration, GMOs, and other harmful effects of modern technology.

Frank Chester is an artist, sculptor, and geometrician, who lives in San Francisco. He taught art for more than thirty years in high schools and colleges. Since encountering the work of Rudolf Steiner, Frank has been exploring the relation between form and spirit. In 2000, Frank discovered a new geometric form never seen before. Putting this form through the alchemical transformative process of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, many previously unknown geometric structures have emerged. This geometric form demonstrates a remarkable correlation to the form and functioning of the human heart. On the basis of experimentation with various related geometric forms and the movement of water in a vortex, Frank is uncovering indications concerning the relationship between etheric formative forces and the geometry, structure, and physiology of the human heart.